Flattrable Reactive Programming

I have occasionally seen these “flattr this!” buttons, notably on the blog of Luke Palmer, and occasionally felt it was exactly what I wanted to do. However, inertia always got the better of me – no doubt I was busy being distracted by some lolcat screaming for adoration.

Lately I noticed a flattr button on the blog of Heinrich Apfelmus too, and again felt a desire to give. Heinrich’s blog was the tipping point (pun intended) that finally got me to actually visit flattr.com, and this great quote from Alexandros closed the sale:

This month, thanks to Flattr, I’we shared my world to the world. I earned 0.03 cents - the best 0.03 cents ever!

How can that not make me want to give? (Is Alexandros being sarcastic? He looks happy enough in his profile pic…)

My first flattrs go to Luke and Heinrich; 0.03 cents are coming your way! ;)

Alexandros gets flattred too. And now that I’ve signed up I’ll be on the lookout for more flattr buttons (so don’t feel bad if you weren’t mentioned here!).

As an aside, the common denominator that made me want to flattr Luke and Heinrich is their efforts to explore Functional Reactive Programming. It seems to me that much remains to be discovered in the FRP design space and I hope my flattrs encourage these brave explorers to push the boundaries further… Oh, look! Conal Elliott has a flattr button too!


  1. Yay! This is my ticket to becoming rich! Well, or at least another encouragement to think about FRP. Thanks!

    By the way, I've always liked your dimensional library. *flattrs*

  2. Oh thanks! I appreciate your FRP encouragement, even post-mortem (or mid-coma, hard to tell the difference). And welcome to Flattr :-)

  3. Thanks Heinrich! Luke: I hope it is the latter!